Barfusion™ is an achieving one-hour workout that allows individuals of all fitness levels to transform their bodies in a safe and effective manner.  Set to lively music in an intimate class of 23 or less, this total conditioning workout combines the elements of ballet, Pilates, strength and flexibility training. Whether you are recovering from an injury, just back from a pregnancy or an athlete training for a marathon, Barfusion™ will improve your balance, strength and coordination.

The class, held in a sunlit studio, features light hand weights and mat work interspersed with stretching and barre-based exercises. There are over 30 classes every week from which to choose.

Personalized service is the key to learning the exercises and avoiding injury. Each instructor knows the name of each class member and is able to move throughout the room and tweak positioning to ensure safety and a complete body workout.

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  • “Not many exercises will change your body in one month. Barfusion™ not only changed my body, it changed my mindset about working out. Now I know I don’t have to sweat hard to look great in my jeans.”
    Susan L, 39 – Newton, MA