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Two weeks ago I was asked by a couple of my clients to go to a Barre Sculpting Class at Bodies in Motion (Wellesley, MA). So, last week I took Diane and Debbie up on their offer. I had heard about this style of class through word of mouth, but still didn’t know what to expect when I arrived. All I knew is that it involved lots of small pulsating movements that Mr. Fit should be able to handle.

Game on people, count me in for Barre Sculpt, how hard could it be?

Believe it or not, this was the first time ever that I had done a class of this nature. I’ve never done a yoga class, or a zumba class; in my 10 plus years of being in the fitness world I have never attended a fitness class. Well, where is the bar? I’m ready to pump some iron, let’s do some dead lifts, squats, and bench press. Well sorry; this was certainly not that type of class.

First, what is Barre Sculpt? Barre is a revolutionary workout that quickly and safely sculpts and reshapes your entire body using a mixture of yoga, Pilates and dance. This 60-minute timed exercise class to music works each muscle to exhaustion, while lengthening, toning and shaping muscles.

The technique:

• Utilizes mats, weights, bands and the barre • Burns fat while creating a strong, toned, graceful body • Ideal and challenging for all fitness levels • Improves muscle tone and flexibility

Beginning with a warm-up and light weight-work, the class then moves to the barre, focusing first on the thighs and seat, then the waist, hip and outer thighs, finishing off with abdominal work on the mat. A stretching section follows each strengthening section of the class in order to create strong, long, lean muscle without bulk, while increasing range of motion.

My instructor Susan was fantastic. She remembers everyone’s names, has tons of positive energy, she was easy to engage, informs and instructs you on how great your doing (I think she was just being nice to me a couple of times- just kidding Susan) or if your technique needs some work. The facility, its staff, and the people in the class display a warm energy and create an environment that makes you want to come back for another session.

I’ll say this about Barre Sculpt; it was different but difficult as my legs were shaking within the first 7 minutes. It was energizing and you could feel yourself engaging in muscles you didn’t think you had. You won’t be dripping with sweat, but you’ll feel your heart rate slightly elevated. You’ll feel the burn all day long (I still felt it the day after), which lets me know that I’m burning calories all day long. Get prepared to build a strong core, improve your posture and focus your mind with barre!

Mr. Fit highly recommends Barre Sculpt for a fantastic and new summer workout!

Stay Active, Stay Fit!

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